The *HUMONGOUS* CP/M Archive DVD comes with CP/M-Live!, the live-booting CP/M. It allows you to try out CP/M without installing anything. Simply insert the DVD into your DVD-ROM drive and reboot your system. The live-boot feature will by default boot the Z-System with ZS-DOS, a drop-in replacement for CP/M 2.2. For information on other available systems (e.g., Simeon Cran's ZPM3, an enhanced CP/M 3 replacement) and how to access them, see below.

Available Systems

Currently, CP/M-Live! comes with the following CP/M-compatible operating systems. To run one of these, boot the DVD, type EXIT at the CP/M prompt to shut down CP/M, then type CPM followed by one of the names below.


This is the default system. Based on the ZCPR3 drop-in replacement command processor, the NZCOM Z-System provides many UNIX-like enhancements to CP/M. This Z-System configuration includes ZSDOS, with full time-and-date-stamping facilities.


Written by Simeon Cran, ZPM3 is a drop-in replacement for CP/M 3 which provides many enhancements and improvements while remaining fully compatible with CP/M 3.


Z3Plus is, in a nutshell, the Z-System for CP/M 3. To start Z3Plus, at the CP/M prompt type Z3PLUS{enter}.


MICROCode Consulting's formerly commercial CP/M 2.2-compatible operating system for 8080-based computers.


(Coming soon!) CB Falconer's DOSPlus 2.5.


Not an operating system, but Lee Bradley's introduction to the NZCOM Z-System. The tutorial is available here.

In addition, you can create a new CP/M machine simply by typing a name for it, e.g., CPM TESTSYS{enter}. CP/M-Live! will automatically create a new default system with the name you specified.

More Information

For more information on how to use CP/M-Live!, or how to install it to your hard drive, click here.


"Installing" CP/M-Live is as simple as copying the contents of the /LIVE directory from the DVD to your hard drive. You may then run CP/M by invoking CPM.BAT, optionally followed by the name of one of the systems listed above.