Welcome to the Wonderfully Ancient World of TurboDOS
A Multiprocessor Operating System for Z-80-based computers


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This website is a Work In Progress dedicated to TurboDOS; A Multiprocessor Operating System designed for multiprocessor networks of Z-80-based computers. TurboDOS is designed as a CP/M-compatible operating system.

"TurboDOS was known, when CP/M ruled, as the only serious opponent to MP/M-II, the multi-user, multi-tasking version of CP/M." - E. Roche

CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) was (and is) an operating system similar to MS-DOS but which predated MS-DOS, and which is in fact the operating system that MS-DOS descended from. But CP/M is much more than simply an early version of MS-DOS and CP/M is very much alive in online communities of Enthusiasts and Others who still use CP/M in Old (and sometimes newer) Computers and Emulators.

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Website History

In 2009, Mr. Emmanuel Roche, a regular of the comp.os.cpm Newsgroup, decided to search for this "Lost DOS" (TurboDOS) and found a PDF of a TurboDOS Newsletter which mentioned Dr. R. Roger Breton (below).


Dr. Rene Roger Breton (above), now a patent paralegal, has an extensive computer engineering background. Between 1986 and 1994, he worked as a computer programmer, technical writer, and engineer in various jobs. Dr. Breton is a published author of TurboDOS Z80 Assembly Language Programming and TurboDOS 8086-80186-80286 Assembly Language Programming.

E. Roche managed to find him, and Roger agreed to release his 500-page book about TurboDOS; Z-80 ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE UNDER TurboDOS.

M. Roche hopes that "this masterwork will lead to the ressurrection of TurboDOS." My hopes are slightly less ambitious; I hope you enjoy your visit to the TurboDOS Museum. Roche forwarded the initial material for this website and Roger forwarded his book. I rummaged around a found some other bits and pieces including Piergiorgio Betti's Personal Site. Since this website is a Work in Progress it will be expanded over time.


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Caveat Emptor

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