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Directories in /pub/cpm/comm/
Telecommunications and BBS software for the Commodore 128 CP/M
../ [Parent directory]
bye/ BYE is a terminal program.
imp/ IMP is a terminal program.
mex/ MEX seems to be a terminal program.
zmodem/ Software related with the ZMODEM file transfer protocol.

Files in /pub/cpm/comm/
1994-08-05 51584 bozbbs08.lbr
1994-05-14 981 bozbbs08.readme Neat little board for CP/M. C128 use requires the BYE510 daemon for C1670 or other C128 set-up.
1994-08-05 4096 c128sys.ark C-128 system for use with BBS
1998-01-25 15872 cp4-c128.lbr
1998-01-25 1230 cp4-c128.readme KERMIT 4.05 for the Commodore C-128
1994-08-05 10624 m7-c1660.aqm MDM7 overlay--C128, 1650/1660 modem
1994-08-05 8832 m7-c1670.aqm MDM7 overlay for C128 and 1670 modem
1994-08-05 66816 pbbs8com.ark C-128 PBBS COM files for A0: & A14:
1998-01-03 39371 qterm.lzh A terminal program that is capable of Digital VT100 emulation and knows the Kermit and Xmodem protocols. Swiftlink patches are included.
1994-08-05 27648 uucode.lbr uuencode and uudecode for CP/M


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