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"Hey, CP/M's great!" you say. "But *HUMONGOUS* CP/M? Well, um, not so much. Show me where I can find some *interesting* CP/M stuff."


We realize there's just no pleasing some people. But we offer these links so at least we can say we tried.



News and Discussion

Historical Stuff

Old Computer Sites

  • Classic Computers -- Dave Dunsfield's site on "classic computers". Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any links from the mainpage into the site, making finding things there a bit difficult.
  • Old Computers -- a goldmine of info on old computer and gaming systems.
  • The Obsolete Computer Museum -- still onine, but not updated since 2002.
  • Kee's Computer Home -- a collector of old computers.
  • Kee's old computer links -- LOTS of 'em (and yes, I'm cheating).
  • Seattle Retrocomputing Society -- Nice site design. Why didn't I think of that? :-)
  • S100 Computers -- "A Web site for S100 Bus owners". The Altair and IMSAI, naturally, get lots of attention here. Has a forum and a nice software section, including lots of useful development tools.
  • The CP/M 86 and 80 website, Bill Buckels' site, with sections on Aztec and Mix C, TurboDOS, lots of Apple CP/M stuff, and more.

Software and Documents

  • MDFS.net -- Software and documentation for a wide variety of older systems. Includes sections on CPM and Z80, software and software development.

TRS-80 Sites

  • CoCo/OS-9 Archive -- "an archive of material relating to the CoCo or OS-9", focusing on documentation (unfortunately, the link is way to slow to make mirroring practical). Get 80-Micro issues here.
  • System-80 -- Terry Stewart's NZ-based dedicated to System-80, an Australian TRS-80 Model I clone. Documentation and software downloads.
  • Nemesis -- Frank Durda IV's site with a bit of TRS-80-related material, including the LS-DOS 6.3.1 Restoration Project, The Assembly Language Development System and a bit more.
  • Dave's Old Computers -- his page on TRS-80s.
  • TRS80Stuff.net -- A nice-looking site that draws you in with its promise of lots of downloadable software then -- BAM! -- its PHP download script is broken and you can't actually get any of the stuff. Site hasn't been updated in three years.
  • TRS80.org -- One of the largest -- and almost certainly the most active -- remaining TRS-80 sites, run by Matthew Reed. Interviews, software, book and magazine reviews, much more.
  • Dr. Luis O. Tedeschi -- a personal webpage dedicated to the CP-300/500 Brazilian TRS-80 clones. Play Model III software in a java window./li>
  • Miguel Dutra -- Miguel's homepage dedicate to the CP-500. Another promising site gone bust: Miguel's intriguing utilities for r/w-ing .DSK/.DMK disk images supports *every* O/S format. Except CP/M.
  • The TOSEC Project is "dedicated to the cataloging and preservation of software, firmware and resources for microcomputers, minicomputers and video game consoles." The collections aren't available for download (apparently, they have to be purchased), but I managed to find a copy of the TRS-80 collection on the 'Net.


  • Retrotechnology - Herb Johnson's site
  • Caldera's FTP Site -- A mirror of Caldera Inc.'s FTP site wherein they made DR-DOS and CPM 2.2 available for download.
  • Anonymous site -- An anonymous site somehow connected with the JOYCE users' group. Sections on CP/M, PCW, Amstrad, and one dedicated to the site owner's own JOYCE programming and dis/assemly projects.