MaxZ80 - Chapter 18

This looks like a good place to wrap these "hints" up. There is another
compiler in B0:BDSC which I want to mention before we go. Actually, there are
two compilers; the other's in B1:BDSZ. These are very similar compilers. BDS
C and BDS Z are C compilers and were written by Leor Zolman. BDS C was
written in 1979. He released both compilers to the Public Domain in 2002. His
website is

Zolman was not the only person to write a C compiler for CP/M. Small-C was
written by Ron Cain and appeared in the May 1980 issue of Dr.Dobb's Journal.
James E. Hendrix improved and extended this compiler and published it in "The
Small-C Handbook." Zolman's work was not built on Cain's. His compiler
eventually became highly "K&R compliant" and so if you know C and have
studied these Chapters, a program like CMP30C.C should not be too tough to
follow. CMP is a binary or text file comparison program. It pales in
comparison to COMP.COM, a full-screen file compare program, which we won't
discuss further, but it's easier to follow how CMP works since it's written
in a (not terribly) "high level" language and the source is here.

As CP/M and Z-System have not been sold or developed for about 16 years (it
is now 2007), it seems fitting to end with this example of a fellow who put
his heart and soul into producing a CP/M and later a Z-System application
which sold thousands of copies and then gave it away. There are many examples
in this tutorial of Public Domain software. The website

holds a lot of formerly commercial CP/M software. It is hoped that the MYZ80
package by Simeon Cran that runs when you launch MYZ80.EXE will be released
as well.